Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Weekly golf results

June 17, 2017 - 12:05am

Makalei Kolepa Hui Results

June 10 at Makalei

Format: 4 person stableford

Results: Ralph Sallee, Lary Leedom, Larry Reifsnider, Ed Skelton (142); Eddie Nakaya, Devion Anthony, Ollie Olinger, Fred Furuta (141); Jeff Hall Norm Pacheco, Wayne Watanabe (138)

Closest to the pin: Keone Johnson (No. 5), Wayne Watanabe (No. 8); Eddie Nakaya (No. 16)

BICC Members Torunament

June 14 at Big Island Country Club

Format: 3 person team, 1 low net

Results: Tom Johnson, Eddie Salas, Keenan Combis (-14)

Low net: Keenan Combis (68)

Closest to the pin: Eddie Salas (No. 5, 13); Keenan Combis (No. 8, 17)

Na Wahine Women’s Club

June 15 at Waikoloa Village

Format: Even holes on front 9, odd holes on back 9, half handicap

Results: Trish Kimball (30.5); Cindy Carlson, Carole Abarcar (tie, 31.5)

Chip ins: Yuriko Daniel (No. 15)

Putts: Carole Abarcar (28)

Birdies: Mona Peck (No. 6); Yuriko Daniel (No. 15)

Closest to the pin: Margaret Tigue (No. 3). Mona Peck (No. 6, 12); Bonnie Prutow (No. 16)

June 8 at Waikoloa Village

Format: Low gross, low net

Low gross: Cindy Carlson (90); Yuriko Daniel (91)

Low net: Trish Kimball (65); Willie Ryan (No score reported)

Chip ins: Willie Ryan (No. 8); Cindy Carlson (No. 14)

Birides: Willie Ryan, Mona Peck (No. 12)

Low putts: Cindy Carlson, Celeste Bell, Eliana Sattler (34)

M&M Golf Club

June 13 at Makalei

Format: Even holes, half handicap

Results: Linda Takai (36); Shoko Ioh, Randi Wilson (tie, 37)

Low putts: Randi Wilson (30)

June 9 at Big Island Country Club

Format: Middle 9, half handicap

Results: Bitchie Hayward, Judy Pettersen (tie, 32); Shoko Ioh (34)

Chip ins: Judy Pettersen (No. 7, 9)

June 6 at Makalei

Format: Even holes, half handicap

Results: Shoko Ioh (35); Sandy Webb (35.5); Butchie Hayward, Janis Walker (tie, 36)

Low putts: Janis Walker (28)

Chip ins: Linda Takai (No. 12); Butchie Hayward (No. 14)

Keauhou Kona Men’s Golf Club

June 10 at Kona Country Club

Format: low net

A flight: Allen Sullivan (69); Allan Owen, Larry Fitzgerald, Chuck Coupe (tie, 71)

Closest to the pin: Bruce Totten (No. 3, 12); Don Duval (No. 5); Kevin Barthel (No. 17)

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