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Lavaman Waikoloa champ Tim Marr keeps Hawaii close to his heart

March 31, 2014 - 12:05am

Tim Marr had close the past two years in his attempt to bring home a third title at Lavaman Waikoloa. Sunday, the Oahu native finally broke through, outpacing Kailua-Kona’s Luis De La Torre and Thomas Vonach for the title.

Still, Marr was not fully satisfied in victory.

“I got on the bike and to be honest I wasn’t doing that well,” Marr said. “I felt like I had heavy legs. I was able to salvage the best I could today. The time was not quite what I wanted or what I though I could do as my goal, but that is where the chips landed.”

Being an Olympic distance triathlon, a route shorter than what Marr is typically training for, the champ still had some bounce in his step after crossing the finish line. With Ironman Brazil on the mind, Marr went on a run after taking a small break to enjoy the victory.

Marr chocked it up to the hectic life of a being a professional triathlete.

While his toughest critic may be himself, what brings a smile to Marr’s face is talking about being a local-grown athlete.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Marr holds the islands very close to his heart.

“I’m proud to represent Hawaii when I travel,” Marr said. “I’m a Hawaii born and raised guy. I grew up surfing and I really love the Hawaii lifestyle. I swim at the beach, ride my bike in the mountains and run on the trails.”

Marr relishes his time training on the pristine venue Hawaii has to offer, and while it may have some disadvantages, it is something he could never give up.

“People always tell me ‘you have to go to Boulder, Colo. to train in high altitude or things like that,’” Marr said. “Those things are all good, but the thing for me is that I love Hawaii. What attracted me to this sport was that I live in a beautiful place to train for these events. It is not worth it to me to sacrifice that. If you train in San Diego all year, but represent Hawaii it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Despite being based in Oahu, Marr is a common character on the Kona racing scene. He also won Lavaman Keauhou in November.

Next up for Marr is the Wildflower Half Ironman in California. Ironman Brazil is on deck in May.

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