Tuesday | August 22, 2017
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NCAA signs off on tougher sanctions

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA is demanding everyone in college sports play by the same book.

Those who deviate from it and flout the rules will soon be paying a steeper price.

On Tuesday, the NCAA’s board of directors passed a package of sweeping changes that will hold coaches more accountable for rule-breaking offenses and threaten rogue programs with longer postseason bans and fines that could cost millions of dollars.

Coaches say it’s about time.

“Throughout history, the only way to keep civilization and to keep things in order is to have very strong rules and enforce them,” said Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, who won two national titles at Florida. “There’s no other way. Clear rules with very firm and swift — it has to be a little bit more swift — punishment.”

The NCAA believes they have fixed the problem of swift justice, too, by approving an increase in the number of infractions committee voting members, from 10 up to 24.

The plan is to split the full committee into smaller panels, all of which could hear cases and allow as many as 10 meetings to take place annually instead of the five that have traditionally been held.

The board overwhelmingly supported all pieces of the legislation and voted unanimously to approve it.