Saturday | July 30, 2016
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Some good fun splishin’ and splashin’

More than 160 people came out to compete in Frozen Pea Productions’ Peaman’s Splish-Splash and Super Bowl Shuffle Biathlon Sunday at Kailua Pier.

To start out the morning, the athletes splish-splashed into the water for a half -mile swim in the crystal-clear ocean with all of our fishy friends. Once out of the water, the athletes laced up their running shoes and ran a 3.1-mile course along scenic Alii Drive.

Sprinting into first place overall was Tai Scarbrough, who finished in an amazing time of 34 minutes, 31 seconds. Claiming second at 35:00 was Byron Unger. Don Bike Works rounded out the top three at 36:09.

Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen took first for the women and third overall. Pipes-Neilsen came in seconds after Unger, completing the fun biathlon in 35:05. Jeni Winegarner claimed second for the women with a finishing time of 39:36. Anna Siliciano earned third at 40:02.

For the Split Peas, the winning team of Tai Scarbrough and Heather Scarbrough finished before the second-place finisher with a time of 34:54. Team Elastic Man and Zac Shephard took second. Shepard finished the run course on his bike for a time of 38:25. Wonder Woman and Orestes Barrios completed the course in 38:36, claiming third for the Split Peas.

In the Pea-wee race — a 200-yard swim and a one-mile run — Kanaiponi Eckart finished in first with a fast time of 12:04. Lainey Eckart (finned) earned second at 13:03. Third place went to Lawrence Eckart, 14:47.

For the Pea-wee Split Peas, the team of Superman and Isaac Branson raced into second with a time of 13:09. Wonder Woman and Kekoa Kolman placed second at 13:16. Team Bat Man and Teagan DeCarli claimed third with a time of 13:18.

Congratulations to all who competed in Peaman’s Splish-Splash and Super Bowl Shuffle Biathlon. You all had pea-tastic performances. Keep up the good work.

The next Frozen Pea Productions race will be held Feb. 17. This is a run-only event that will include the 332,640-inch Terrific Turtle Trudge, the 126,720-inch Dragon Dash and the 63,360-inch Golden Fox 1-Mile Gallop at the Kailua Pier. The race is free and open to the community, with a start time of 8:03 a.m., Hawaiian Time.

This coming weekend, Team Mango will host its Springtime Triathlon at the Kailua Pier. This race will consist of a half-mile swim, two-lap course, a hilly triple-lap bike course for a total of 15 miles, and a six-mile run. Race start is set for 7 a.m. There is a small fee for this race. For more information, visit

Hope to see you all out there. Until next time, happy training.