Jackie Rey’s Paddle Relay

Six-mile relay race from Keauhou Bay to Kailua Pier and back held Saturday.


1. George Abood and Lambert Lee Loy 1:48:13 First Surfski men

2. Rich Everett/Bob Bruce and Gary Capri/Robert Vatter 1:48:19 First OC2 50-and-over men

3. Lenny Cox/Keven Rinkenbach and Greg Asbell/Kaipo Parish 1:48:31 Second OC2 50-and-over men

4. Afa Tuaolo and Grant Kojima 1:48:44 First OC1 50-and-over men

5. Puni Freitas and Ina Ynigues 1:51:21 First OC1 18-39 men

6. Keone Au and Robert Olson 1:52:07 Second OC1 18-39 men

7. Daniel Legler and Theron Ogata 1:52:04 First OC1 40-49 men

8. Dane Enos and Hunter Anderson 1:52:43 Second OC1 50-and-over men

9. Nicki Enos/Cheryl Villegas and Melanie Kelikolio/Angela Faanui 1:54:07 First OC2 under-50 women

10. Kekoa Spoon and Ikaika Kaawa 1:54:12 Third OC1 18-39 men

11. Stevet Arnett and Jon Mareli 2:00:07 Third OC1 50-and-over men

12. Spencer Lavea and Paul Jeffries 2:00:08 Fourth OC1 50-and-over men

13. Kaeti Ecker/Terry Neubert and Carolyn Strawn/Freddie Berengue 2:01:58 First OC2 50-and-over mixed

14. Bruce Clifford and Chris Grogan 2:02:13 Fifth OC1 50-and-over men

15. Leilani Shackelford and Maile Leslie 2:03:24 First OC1 18-39 women

16. Isaac Kaupiko and Nick Matsuoka 2:06:23 Fourth OC1 18-39 men

17. Heather Kimball and Bev Tuaolo 2:06:34 First OC1 40-49 women

18. Alisa Prendergast and Phil Prendergast 2:07:35 First OC1 40-49 mixed

19. Kim Rowe and AnnaLee Akagi 2:08:22 Second OC1 40-49 women

20. Mel Pauoli and Nancy Capri 2:08:58 First OC1 50-and-over mixed

21. Toni Maury/ Kirby Maury and Diane Neubert/Brook Collins 2:11:57 Second OC2 50-and-over mixed

22. Kainoa Lavea and Sheila Cadaoas 2:12:40 Second OC1 50-and-over women

23. Roy Ervin and Kim Schneider 2:14:31 Second OC1 50-and-over mixed

24. Creighton Handley and Christina Wiliams 2:16:46 Second OC1 mix 40-49

25. Moke Hauanio/Peter Lasich and Karen Crawford/Mike Woodbury 2:17:32 Third OC2 50-and-over mixed

26. Dan Mersburgh and Chad Kahele 2:17:54 Fifth OC1 18-39 men

27. Lorrin Ching/Tina Flower and Lorrin Ching/Michelle Beale 2:21:21 First OC2 mix under 50

28. Fisher Nitta and Hanalei Akazawa 2:24:13 First OC1 junior boys

29. Myron Liau and Nolan Chock 2:29:50 Sixth OC1 50-and-over men

30. Tyron Libarios-Moses and Blaine McKittrick 2:34:07 Second OC1 junior boys

31. Olivia McClure/Patricia Flores and Trinity Klawansky/Leilani Miller 2:41:28 First OC2 junior girls

Submitted by Jane Bockus