Tuesday | May 31, 2016
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Letters to the Editor | 7-12-13

Native birds

Protect Hawaii’s birds

There is no doubt that the Hawaiian Islands are beautiful and the native birds of Hawaii are some of the most diverse and beautiful in the universe, which adds to the uniqeness of this heavenly place. Since mankind has hit the Hawaiian Island chain, an astounding 71 bird species have sadly gone extinct in this God given area.

I say more needs to be done to protect the remaining native Hawaiian bird species populations of which many are on the endangered list, which should be a high priority for Hawaii. I say plant more trees for forests where these native birds can habitate, which should be instituted by federal, state and county government levels at a progressive pace. It is a win-win scenario as trees clean the air of pollutants and provide oxygen for mankind to live, in addition to providing our beautiful native bird population with habitation.

It is sad that more than 70 bird species in the Hawaiian Island chain have gone extinct. We no longer get to view these beautiful and diverse Hawaiian bird populations and it is definitely a big loss to Hawaii ecologically and economically. Who knows, maybe with more forests in beautiful Hawaii, “Native Hawaiian Bird Tourism” can be aggresively started. Enough said!

Dean Nagasako



St. Michael’s construction catastrophe

As a homeowner in Kailua Village, the complex immediately to the east of the St Michael’s construction site, I am writing to express my disgust with their attitude and un-neighborly like behavior. I live in Colorado and am unable to visit the peaceful and beautiful Island of Hawaii because the church has decided to start construction without full funding; thereby using a tiny construction crew and two pieces of equipment, and causing just enough neighborhood turmoil so as to prevent others from enjoying the peace of Hawaii.

They have been hammering, drilling, and pounding on the property since March and still don’t have a foundation set! Why? Because rather than obtain funding first so that they could operate a full construction operation and get the project finished in a reasonable and timely manner, they have decided it would be best to drag this construction (and its noise) out for two years.

I wonder what the Bible says about inconsiderate and arrogant people? Draw your own conclusions!

Brooke Bebow