Monday | January 23, 2017
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Letters 9-8-13

Elected officials really don’t want feedback

It was a well-written and thought-provoking letter this morning from Michelle Kerr, but I ask her just how long she has lived in Hawaii? Most of us who have lived here more than a couple of years realize that Democrats, all of them it appears, do not actually want feedback unless you happen to be a union boss or one of their big donors.

I actually had high hopes and thought, after meeting her, that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Brian Schatz were going to prove different, obviously that isn’t the case.

We all know that Maisie Hirono and Colleen Hanabusa are just about useless and bend to the whims of their donors — so if you don’t have money to give them you don’t count.

On another topic, our “illustrious” governor should be thinking of taxpayers and ask this simple question: “How much will a special session cost us, the taxpayers?” What is the hurry on this marriage issue? It’s waited this long, a few more months will not make that big of difference and will give the supporters that much more time to push their agenda.

Frank Dickinson


Voters nixed gay marriage years ago

Does anyone remember in 1998, when we the people of Hawaii voted against same-sex marriage?

Our state leaders at that time decided to let the people of Hawaii choose what we wanted for our state as the powers that be from the mainland were pushing for Hawaii to be the first same-sex marriage state. There was a lot of debate on all islands. But our state leaders let the people decide, put it to a vote, and we overwhelmingly voted against same-sex marriage. This would open the door to things we are not ready for.

Now, this is the same issue our governor wants to have a special $25,000 session on again, but only for state leaders to vote this time. Many are new and might not remember the 1998 vote. I can only guess what the citizens of Hawaii want does not interest our governor in this matter, or many others. He and his D.C. colleagues will do as they please with no regard to “we the people.”

It must benefit them in some way: power, position, wealth? Who knows, but they do exactly as they please and always at our expense.

Judy Taggert


Do we kill people to right Syrian wrong?

Correct me if I am wrong.

Syria is a sovereign nation. Bashar Assad is its recognized leader. President Barack Obama has decided that Assad must be punished for killing his people. To punish Assad, we must send cruise missiles to kill his people and destroy his property to make his people even more miserable.

Tell me what I am missing.

Robert (Bob) Green