Monday | December 11, 2017
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Letters 9-7-13

More information on GMOs required

This letter is in regard Hamakua Springs owner Richard Ha’s letter of Sept. 3.

In reading and re-reading his latest defense of GMO, I find no verifiable arguments backing-up his viewpoint. I believe he has been led astray by the biotech influences that are surrounding and contaminating our worldwide lands, air, subsistence economies and health as their GMO techniques increase air pollutants in the manufacture of the seed, fertilizer and pesticides; devalue and eradicate seed that has been developed over generations to be more resistant to environmental droughts, floods and other variable climate changes through natural selection primarily and low-tech cross-breeding, which has led to crop failure and devastation of unsubsidized small farms in undeveloped and developing countries.

Because subsistence farmers may be limited to purchasing expensive GMO seed on one hand, and forbidden by law to replant same GMO seed post harvest, biotech giants are strangling small and subsistence farmers worldwide wherever they have been allowed or even mandated to operate.

Your closing statement: Instead of acting and then perhaps studying, we really must study the situation first before making decisions and acting. Indeed, we should knock off the GMOs in favor of further education and research of the consequences, possibly far more unintended and serious than you have considered in your objection to proposed anti-GMO bills 109 and 103. Let’s just have a moritorium on any further GMO planting until the homework is completed, including public review and have the prohibition enforced by law.

Carolyn Pellett


Keep church and state separate

The letter to the editor from Barbara Ferraro from Hilo seems to indicate that Miss Ferraro wants to influence the state with her religious beliefs. Apparently, she forgets the “separation of church and state” law. Her religion should stay in her church and her family, without trying impose it on others. Live and let live, don’t try to mold others to your belief, just because you think yours is right.

Christa Wagner