Saturday | October 21, 2017
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Letters 9-27-13

Developer must build connector road

Oh, Palamanui doesn’t want to build a connector road? What a big surprise. How many amendments do these developers get?

When are we going to get what we are promised, not only from this project but from every other developer on this island?

We have got to have more than one way in and one way out when you build in the middle of a neighborhood.

Now is the time elected officials, to do what you were elected to do, stand up for the needs of all, not the needs of the few.

Carole Carraway


Why eliminate parking spots?

King Kamehameha III Road ends in the large cul-de-sac at Keauhou Bay. Twenty-five cars can park around the perimeter of the cul-de-sac like wagon-wheel spokes and still leave enough room to turn around.

The Kona/Keauhou bureaucrats have eliminated 21 of these parking spaces with no-parking signs, rendering an already crowded situation even worse for numerous paddlers, picnickers and kayakers. I would like to know why.

Michael K Sylmond


Officials uninformed about fracking

Your article about fracking to have a geothermal plant shows just how uninformed the people who run this island are. It also shows there is no real hope for ever establishing a commodity base here any time soon at the current 30 cents a kilowatt. I live here but glad I’m not invested here.

Scott Nelson


Developers’ promises never come true

Why is it that every developer who promises a road out and a park warms the hearts of the sitting council, only to be dumped on later? And, here’s “miss law degree” Bobby Jean Leithead Todd using that degree to provide a legal loophole with the extension for Palamanui.

Speaking of which, Brenda Ford is wrong about Leithead Todd’s law degree in her environmental position, it’s garbage.

Richard Allen