Monday | December 18, 2017
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Letters 9-19-13

1998 vote may not be relevant today

While it is true that the citizens of Hawaii voted against same-sex marriage by a considerable margin in 1998, it is dangerous to assume that a vote that took place 15 years ago is still a valid representation of the citizens of Hawaii today. A law is only as good as its relevance to its era. It was, after all, not so very long ago that interracial marriage was also illegal in the United States.

In 1998, nationwide support for same-sex marriage hovered at around 30 percent. Today it stands at 54 percent, and among people born after the year 1980, that number is 70 percent. This issue is not being forced upon us by the powers that be. What we see today is a shifting of the tide. Were it to come to a popular vote, as Mahina Watson proposed, I think she might be surprised to find that the world has changed a great deal since 1998, and so have the people living in it.

Almost one third of same-sex marriage supporters report they were once in opposition to marriage equality. Some say it was because things are different now, and acceptance is simply inevitable. Others say they realized that they believe everyone has the right to pursue happiness. But the greatest percentage said it was because they know and care about someone who is gay.

Get to know the gay people in your life (and trust me, there are quite a few). Listen to their stories with an open heart. You might find that your opinions change, too.

Sachi Ainge


What’s harming country is skewed facts

The letter from Michelle Kerr started out as solid opinion about local government that has supporters on both sides. How it disintegrated in to another baseless rant about President Barack Obama says more about your editorial policy than your owner, the Stephens Group, may want to reveal.

Every single complaint has nothing to do with Hawaiian policy and everything to do with her uninformed opinions on national policy. In point, a couple of her opinions are in direct contradiction of our Constitution. Check facts anyplace else but “Faux News” and your editorial page to actually understand what is harming our country.

Daniel McRoberts