Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Letters 9-16-13

God’s model for marriage is best

Limiting marriage to one man and one woman does not discriminate on the basis of sex or sexual orientation. It protects an institution that has been the foundation of our way of life: the one man, one woman family unit.

The idea of same-sex marriage denies the self-evident truth that the male and female bodies are designed for and complement each other. Opposite-sex marriage is the natural means by which the human race reproduces. And it is that interest in children that gives rise to government’s interest in the institution. Children do best with both a mother and father who love each other and their children unconditionally.

We have seen the devastating effects of fatherlessness in our youth. It is simply irresponsible for our government to act as if fathers and mothers are not important for the optimal development of our future citizens.

The social data only confirms what the Bible tells us: that marriage is the union between one man and one woman, and children need both the love of a mother and a father. Deep inside, we all know this to be true and that is why the political establishment wants to go around the will of the people to bring same-sex marriage to Hawaii through a special session.

The people of Hawaii should not stand for it.

Barbara J. Ferraro

State Director for Concerned Women for America of Hawaii


Peace prize winner wants to attack Syria?

Gotta appreciate the irony of a democratic president, who was given the Nobel Peace Prize and voted into office by the same people who called President George W. Bush a “warmonger,” for attacking Iraq is now ready to not only attack Syria, a country that has done nothing to us.

I’m sorry, did I say “irony?” I think the proper term would be “hypocrisy.”

Shawn Lathrop