Saturday | May 27, 2017
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Letters 9-12-13

Forget the acronyms, use the full name

The Saddle Road improvements will benefit our entire island. Although I would have preferred a Hawaiian name, I feel it is an honor to have Daniel Inouye’s name on it.

One thing in the West Hawaii Today front page article Sept. 8 stated is that “several dignitaries suggested calling it the DKI for short.” How counterproductive is that? We give it a full name only to suggest we shorten it. By doing so, we not only shorten the name but the respect and recognition the senator deserves.

It is unfortunate that we have to put up with the acronym-centric crowd that continues to promote terms like “Queen K,” “Old A,” “A-Bay” and others. Perhaps we should refer to our governor as “Gov NA” or our mayor as “Mayor BK?” Not so. The dignitaries who suggested the name be shortened should saddle up and put that branding iron away.

Likeke Bumanglag


Hilo’s garbage

should stay over there

Here we go again with the Hilo boys trying to shove their garbage down West Hawaii’s throats. Between those “stealth” trucking programs — why no transparency there? — and these dubious consultants that contradict each other, we really should stay with last year’s 8-0 council vote against hauling East Hawaii’s rubbish to West Hawaii.

Hilo is a very large area. There are other options even at a higher monetary cost, possibly to relocate to another area — yes, in Hilo — use waste to energy programs or enhance recycling to near-zero waste. It would in the end be the savings of not only money but help preserve the beautiful environment in which many of us live, vacation and spend our money.

Leah Loret Snyder


Same-sex marriage voting again?

In 1998, the state overwhelmingly voted against same-sex marriage and here we are again, but this time with our new leaders voting over our vote.

“Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono,” our state motto, “The life of the land is perpetuarted in righteousness,” are the immortal words of King Kamehameha III on July 31, 1843, at Kawaiahao Church on Oahu where King Kamehameha III went to give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. Righteousnes is defined as: morally right, virtuous, moral good, chaste.

It seems our governor and some others want to overstep their power once again, forcing this issue on Hawaii nei. Let the citizens of Hawaii vote again like previous state leaders chose to do.

It makes you wonder what other things our governor and state leaders are up to. It seems like they have their own agendas for power, position and profit.

We vote people into office to make wise choices but then we have to fight to get our voices heard. We are paying our leaders to do what is right and best for all of us, not just special interest groups.

Mahina Watson