Sunday | July 24, 2016
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Letters 8-31-13

Same sex marriage doesn’t threaten Christian values

The “biblical values” of Hawaii are not at risk if the Legislature passes and the governor signs a law approving same sex marriage in Hawaii. The only thing threatened is the ongoing prejudice of those who desire to use their private beliefs to deny equal civil rights to our fellow citizens. No Christian marriage is threatened by allowing the same legal benefits to a minority of the population that has suffered years of discrimination. Many of the people who are part of this minority consider themselves just as Christian as anyone else and their personal values are just as solid.

Now, if you want to deny them these rights by relying on your interpretation of a beautiful, old document that is unfortunately riddled with falsehoods and inconsistencies, go right ahead. Kick, scream, bury your head in the passing times of prejudice and bigotry. The rest of us will move on and our Christian consciences will not be troubled by knowing that we are comfortable with the belated granting of equal rights to all of our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens.

Gary Hattenburg


Keep government and religion separate

First, let me say I support anyone’s right to practice their religion according to their conscience. There are at least a hundred different sects and denominations that call themselves Christian. Then there are the ones like Thursday’s letter writer who make a claim based on their personal belief, but cloak it in words like Christian and biblical as if they speak for all Christians. Her “Christian” opinion should not be a basis for government marriage policy. Keep government out of religion and religion out of government, unless you prefer something like Iran.

Ken Obenski