Wednesday | December 13, 2017
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Letters 8-29-13

Was call about jury duty another scam?

I would like to warn senior citizens of another scam that may just be beginning in Kona.

My husband, Don, and I received a call last evening from a male claiming to be a Kona police officer with an arrest warrant for my husband because he had failed to show up for jury duty. I explained that we had never received such a notice for duty and that my husband has a disability that keeps him from sitting in court.

He said that didn’t matter, that he knew he is a senior citizen, but that he must still answer his summons. When I asked more questions he put me through to the “officer” in charge who insisted that he must pay a total fine of $850 — $500 for not showing up and $350 to get him excused — and that I must send it immediately to a “green pay” address. When I further objected, he said that if I didn’t cooperate he would arrest me, too. At that point, I told him to come arrest us and hung up.

I called the police department and was told there was no warrant there.

Needless to say, we were quite upset by the call, but fortunately felt that something was off.

So beware and if any person calls from the police department with a warrant for anyone’s arrest, get their name and tell them you will call back through the Kona Police Department number.

Joann Shirk


Same-sex marriage is decision the people should make

Hawaii’s Gov. Neil Abercrombie may, at any moment, call a special session to try to pass same-sex “marriage” legislation. It is imperative that those in charge of making and changing laws hear from the people. It is important that Christians speak up — today. It is up to us to preserve Biblical values in Hawaii. A decision like this, which would change the face of marriage across the islands, is too important to leave to the governor and our legislators.

This is a decision that the people should make. Let your voice be heard.

Barbara J. Ferraro