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Letters | 8-28-13


What are the developers thinking?

I was shocked to hear Kamehameha properties was thinking of building a high rise by Kahaluu beach. It’s challenging enough with all the visitors we have on a daily basis, but can you imagine the numbers if this plan goes through? It’s hard enough asking people to avoid stepping on the coral at Kahaluu. Even those who say they know about the coral will put their feet down on the coral rather than the sand if they are snorkeling at low tide.

It’s hard enough trying to protect the reef and the sea creatures at the beach without inviting more visitors from a high rise. I guess the people of the Kamehameha group have to decide which is more important — preserving what we now have or making money via real estate.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis



Turn surplus into an industry

I really enjoyed the Aug. 18 West Hawaii Today article, “Breadfruit Project helps feed the hungry” by Zoe Sims. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Western Samoa some time ago, I learned to enjoy breadfruit and appreciate this staple food. While the article mentions many of the ways breadfruit (ulu) can be cooked, I did not see any mention of slicing breadfruit and frying them in vegetable oil to make breadfruit chips. If there really is a surplus of breadfruit on the Big Island, I think production of breadfruit chips would be a good cottage industry. Breadfruit chips could well be a good snack food during football season.

Roger Church



Hilo: ‘Walk in Kona’s shoes for a change’

Regarding Erin Miller’s Aug. 9 article on Social Security’s gracious offer to provide West Hawaii with bimonthly video service, I agree with Mazie Hirono, that a four- to five-hour round-trip to Hilo was asking a bit much.

I think a better idea is to have the Social Security office based in Kona and provide Hilo-ites the video service instead.

This will finally give Hilo an opportunity to “walk in Kona’s shoes for a change.”

And since it is a bit much to drive between Hilo and Kona, we should also elect a new mayor for the Kona side to relieve Mayor (Billy) Kenoi of this awful, exhausting trip.

Let’s be fair and balanced.

Jay Tomokiyo



Why are they sold in the first place?

They are beating the drums about chemical weapons again. We used them on the Japanese people, Vietnamese people, American soldiers in Vietnam, sold Iraq chemicals to use on Iran. Syria probably bought them from us. Why do our defense contractors sell all this to start wars. Profit, profit, profit. I spent two years in Vietnam and know what we do.

Bill Laich