Tuesday | July 26, 2016
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Letters | 7-28-13

More details needed |on council spending

The July 25 West Hawaii Today headline read “Contingency fund vote delayed.” The writer of that story capitalized on the council members inability, after two hours of discussion, to pass the bill and instead choosing to postpone the bill until they could understand it better. Oversight and accountability were some of the concerns that were discussed. I congratulate them on their foresight and for holding off on the vote until they are better prepared to make that conclusion.

The paragraph in the story that really caught my attention stated, “The contingency funds were once a part of the council budget but were eliminated four years ago because of the down economy and also in part because of how the money was used.” The implication suggests that maybe money was inappropriately utilized.

As a taxpayer, I would like to see a follow-up story in the WHT clarifying how the money was used and who was responsible for the use that brought about the drastic change in policy. To begin with, $300,000 per council member per year was a ridiculously large amount for discretionary spending. That spending spree contributed to our present fiscal “down economy.”

Investigating the full story and naming names would have a greater impact on how discretionary money is spent by the council than another five hours of discussion.

Leningrad Elarionoff


More must be done to keep island clean

When I read the news, there are always a couple of news items that really stir me up. The first, in regards to plastics found in marine animals, just goes to show us that our trash is ending up in the ocean. That’s why any time there is a chance to help clean up the beach, people should all come and help.

Megan Lamson has her group on another part of the Big Island and we at the Koha Center have ours at Kahalu‘u Beach Park. Any time we have clean-up days we welcome one and all. It’s sad that people need to be reminded about dumping their trash in the garbage cans, especially the cigarette buts and plastics from popped balloons which make their way into the sea. Animals like the turtles and the fish don’t know that these things are not healthy so they ingest them and many times, end up dying or very ill.

Humans are the worst animals on our planet and if it was not for man, the world would be a better place. Maybe with global warming, it’s nature’s way of eliminating mankind so other creatures may survive.

Colleen Miyose-Wallis

Kailua, Kona