Sunday | August 28, 2016
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Letters | 7-25-13

Building code bill needs mayor’s support

The Hawaii Sustainable Community Alliance is requesting that Mayor Billy Kenoi show his support for the alternative building code legislation drafted by Councilman Zendo Kern and stalled by the Department of Public Works.

Our Alliance represents 32 local organizations and over 600 members statewide. We wrote and introduced the alternative building code resolution that was unanimously adopted by the County Council in October 2011. This resolution called upon the DPW to “establish an alternative building code.” Using alternative building codes adopted by other U.S. Counties our organization submitted a draft to DPW in March 2012.

Despite meetings and requests for more meetings, that process was totally stalled by DPW. During the 2012 election, many Puna residents actively campaigned for Kern because his primary platform was for an alternative building code. Kern has since submitted a draft alternative building code bill to DPW for their review and comments.

Once again, the DPW has sidelined this initiative and has effectively stalled the process.

It is common knowledge, since the controversy over Bill 270, that alternative building legislation has broad support islandwide and is long overdue. It has the potential to offer great relief to the occupants of more than 7,000 non-compliant homes and to county staff that have the impossible task of enforcing the current building codes. Mayor Kenoi needs to move this draft out of DPW so it can be formally introduced to the County Council in the very near future.

Graham Ellis


HI-5 fee cut worth it to save recycling program

After reading Tuesday’s article in West Hawaii Today headlined, “Diminishing returns,” has it occurred to the state rather than increasing the HI-5 container fee, simply reduce the amount given back to the consumer? I, for one would be happy to take 1 or 2 cents less if it meant keeping this highly successful recycling program running in the black thus keeping employees on the job.

And, for those who might still think it’s a pain in the okole to recycle, do yourself and all of us a favor by visiting the newly improved and paved recycling center at Kealeakehe. While you’re at it, load up your green waste, HI-5 containers, glass bottles and jars, carboard and mixed recyclables — cans, plastic containers, newspapers, milk and egg cartons.

It is a quick, easy, painless and pleasurable process.

Judy Armstrong-Burger


Do your part to save planet from extinction

While the everyday people go through their lives and aren’t aware about the damaging effects of global warming, this disastrous phenomenon claims many lives on a daily basis. And it is a sad reality as each year sees deforestation the size of England take place annually.

Like the great, late reggae musician Peter Tosh said in his hypnotizing song “Fools Die,” “We got to build a better nation. Clean up, clean up job creation. Or there will be no beautiful human beings.” As far as job creation goes, the entire world has to go green or else, who knows, maybe mankind will become extinct from global warming in the near future. Enough said!

Dean Nagasako