Monday | July 27, 2015
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Letters | 7-23-13


Slow down, smell the GMOs

Bill 79, the anti-GMO bill, has brought out a lot of concern and a lot of anxiety.

I say that we need to slow down.

It would be premature to rush into a decision on this bill without taking the time to hear everybody’s input and address all the issues on the table.

Before we make big decisions — any of which could have unintended consequences — we should set up some sort of task force to look at the bigger picture of Hawaii’s self-sufficiency, and how we are going to achieve that.

How are we going to get there, all of us together? We need to end up at a place where we aloha each other, and take care of everybody.

Let’s not rush to pass this bill without fully understanding the bigger picture.

Richard Ha


Hamakua Springs Country Farms