Monday | August 21, 2017
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Letters | 7-21-13


Weigh the good against the bad

In regard to Dennis Gregory’s letter of July 18, I doubt the “Conservative Christians” are “confused.” Just maybe they have enough intelligence to realize the world cannot be fed without the use of some GMO crops.

No, nothing is completely safe but sometimes you have to weigh the good against the bad.

Just as science has created some things which might not be good with GMO, with more research it may be able to rectify any of the problems that might occur.

Worried about the future of mankind? Wait until there is not enough food to feed the masses.

Sharon Veltri



Enough is enough

One of the secrets to propaganda is that if a lie is repeated often enough, people will begin to believe it. The lie can be outrageous, or simply a small exaggeration of what someone is alleged to have said. The next step is to point out that the exaggerated comment is absurd and therefore imply that the presenter is a liar.

Both sides of the GMO argument have descended to this level. It’s time to take a break.

Ken Obenski



Judicious decisions must be made

In the WHT July 17, 2013, editorial “A new American tune — make the world go away” the Dallas Morning News makes a common mistake in assuming there is only a binary decision involved in America’s foreign policy: Should we mind our own business internationally or get involved in other nations’ squabbles?

It is not a question of yes or no.

What sensible Americans have become increasingly disturbed by is the attempt to use military operations to impose American values on Middle Eastern and other nations where the populace is largely uneducated and primarily concerned about tribal issues.

There is no reason to think that foreign intervention will accomplish anything positive in societies steeped in religious and social intolerance, feuding tribes, and huge gender inequalities.

Nevertheless, it is an entirely different matter to say that we would not get involved, for example, in an attack on one of our NATO allies by an alien government. Or if North Korea attacked Japan?

As in almost all matters of importance, judicious decisions must be made applicable to the situation.

Jay Kopelman