Thursday | March 23, 2017
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Letters | 7-17-13

DEM appointment

Is a law degree equivalent to an engineering degree?

So the majority of the Hawaii County Council thinks a law degree is equivalent to an environmental engineering degree.

I suppose it is understandable given their oligarchial willingness to promote the mayor’s selection of trusted and loyal employees and not having or even trying to obtain information if there might be a critical difference, such as mathematical skills.

All that was needed was a call or on-line check of the University of Hawaii’s civil and engineering requirements and law degree requirements. I did not see a requirement for differential equations in the curriculum of the Richardson School of Law, even their Environmental Law Program started in 1988, but there certainly was one as a required prerequisite in engineering programs.

Why differential equations? They come in handy for determining air quality and evaluating the dispersion of a plume from burning trash or geothermal plant gas releases and whether or not contract proposals address the issue accurately.

Having an adequately knowledgeable department head, of course, eliminates the need for another contractor to explain what the first one said.

So in this county, the heck with the charter and its letter and spirit of the law; a law degree trumps any personnel or job qualification, although it might be wise to look elsewhere for a qualified brain surgeon.

I look forward to rigorous discussions with the head of Environmental Management on the applicability of boundary conditions in the partial derivation with differential equations to determine the relevance of gradient transfer theory using a Gaussian model in regards to turbulent mass flux.

Yes, I am a rock scientist.

Michael Reimer, Ph.D.

Retired Geologist


Seat belt law

From a dentist’s point of view

It appears some readers are upset with the new seat belt law that requires all occupants be belted in.

Those doubters might consider it from my point of view where I have spent hours re-implanting front teeth and repairing fractured incisors from passengers who have “eaten ” a steering wheel or dashboard.

The teeth have to be splinted to try to prevent the roots from resorbing which would cause the loss of the teeth. The bridge work is very expensive and time consuming. In addition, most fractures require a root canal.

The implication of one reader that the law is to generate money from traffic tickets is an erroneous conclusion. The state should next consider mandatory bicycle and motorcycle helmets which will go even further to reduce medical costs.

Julian M. Lifschiz D.D.S.

Kohala Ranch

Church construction

St. Michael’s contributes to community

A large percentage of us are transplants from the mainland. We live here because we love it.

The Catholic church does for the homeless and underprivileged what no one else does. Besides they did not take a sledge hammer and destroy their church. It was an act of God.

I was born in Colorado and I know they have their share of problems. If you do not like it here, go home to Colorado. It won’t bother us if you do.

We don’t like whiners.

We do like people who contribute to the community and complaining does not do that.

Anita Labertew