Saturday | July 23, 2016
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Letters 6-15-13


Decision should be based on accurate information

Recent articles like “Wille Touts GM Ban to Kona” continue to perpetuate and spread myths created by GMO opponents that generate unwarranted fears about agriculture biotechnology.

In an emotionally charged environment, it is critical that media deliver balanced and complete stories that have been well researched and thoroughly fact-checked. Reporting accusations and hearsay with no truth or evidence to support them is a disservice to the public.

For example, the statement that animals prefer non-GMO food can be traced to the propaganda piece “Genetic Roulette” from Jeffrey Smith. His claims have been widely discredited by academics, scientists and reputable sources including Discover and Forbes. Smith is neither scientist nor agricultural expert. In fact, he has no agricultural experience.

Similarly, the article includes other accusations about health issues, Monsanto and the seed industry, but no evidence to back them up. West Hawaii Today did not check the facts, provide background information, or include comment from credible sources addressing such false claims. Nor did it offer a broader and balanced look at the issue by considering the benefits of biotechnology and modern agriculture for farmers, communities and environments.

We should base our decisions on reliable and accurate information, not on hearsay, rumors and accusations. Monsanto welcomes constructive and respectful dialogue about who we are and what we do.

Alan Takemoto

Monsanto Community Affairs Manager