Monday | October 24, 2016
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Letters 6-12-13


Industry is a threat to our health

There have been some recent articles about the GMO industry in Hawaii.

GMO crops are not good for people. Google it and find out for yourselves. These are not what our bodies are designed for. We have evolved over eons.

Our evolution has never experienced GMOs and our bodies simply go haywire if fed these strange foods. Our gut-beneficial flora are killed off and the putrefactive flora multiply.

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup is systemic in plants that are Roundup ready. The Monsanto seeds produce plants that are designed to be sprayed with glyphosate and not be harmed. We then eat those plants and that glyphosate is still in the plants. We then are infused with this chemical. This causes autism and cancers and a range of other nasty diseases. Europe and Asia know this chain of events and refuse to eat or import GMO foods.

Wheat from Oregon has just been found to have GMO contamination years after field trials. All wheat from Oregon and probably the rest of the nation is now suspect and is banned from import to nations that realize the dangers and have protective laws against GMOs.

Stop eating GMOs by eating organic. Take control of your health.

Tom Beach



Brewbaker should be lauded by state

I applaud your Sunday GMO articles. However, I am perplexed.

Why was the focus not on Professor Jim Brewbaker and what he did for the people and state of Hawaii? In the 1960s, when Hawaii’s sugar and pineapple plantations were dying, Dr. Brewbaker introduced U.S. seed companies to the unique opportunities of Hawaii. Fifty years and $243 million annually later, seed research and production are Hawaii’s No. 1 agriculture export, not to mention, growing geometrically.

Your other GMO articles suggest that the nearly 1,400 Hawaiians gainfully employed in the Brewbaker seed industry would prefer to be security guards or service staff for the tourist industry?

Gov. Neil Abercrombie, it is time to recognize Dr. Brewbaker.

Ron Gillespie