Thursday | April 28, 2016
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Letters 5-8-13

Staff change

It’s time to move on and look at future

I keep reading how upset people are about Mr. Flickinger leaving West Hawaii Today, but I can’t see the problem. As Ms. Fosso so aptly stated in Sunday’s paper, it’s time to move on and make some changes. It would be good if the paper decides to take a more centerline attitude in the future instead of leaning quite so far left. West Hawaii in itself is not an unchallenged haven for liberals or Democrats anymore. It would be great if they (WHT) would use at least some of the 100-plus inches of space used for opinions from other outside writers and from time to time post opinions from “locals.” Maybe a bit more involvement in our state and local government by other than those that continue to blindly support the unions and their Democrat puppets.

While we all know Hawaii will likely remain a Democrat stronghold for the foreseeable future, we do not need more legislators like Dan Inouye or those he thinks are best for Hawaii when we can make up our own minds, we need to progress, not wallow in our current welfare motivated quagmire and continue go backwards.

Frank Dickinson


Staff change

Editor’s departure leaves a hole

I would like to echo the many comments made for the past several days with reference to the departure of Reed Flickinger. I frequently skip over certain elements in the paper, but never would I skip over his commentaries. I looked forward to his succinctly stated viewpoints.

Reed’s departure guts the paper of these intelligent, well-thought-out observations and opinions on matters important to the residents of West Hawaii. I join the several others who will not renew their subscription.

Gil Taylor


Staff change

Editor will be missed

Reed will be sorely missed. He was always fair and put the community’s best interests first. It scares me to think what kind of editor we will have now since you did not like Reed’s unbiased leadership.

Please do not go to the lamestream media bias.

Miles Mulcahy