Monday | October 16, 2017
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Letters 5-6-13

Medical marijuana

Senator rebuts claims in letter

I have always supported medical marijuana for patients in Hawaii.

There was a logjam for over a decade on this issue and I realized that someone had to step up and lead. After studying the issue for two years, I did the hard work and negotiated a compromise.

This year, we passed a major reform that moved the policy forward, and brought the program in line with the universal standard of care in the practice of medicine. It was supported by a broad consensus with almost unanimous support in the Legislature and the support of the governor and his cabinet. The only legislators who opposed the reform were a tiny minority of conservative Republicans.

I remain committed to expanding access to medical marijuana for every patient in Hawaii who needs it.

Josh Green


Staff change

Former editor was ‘fair and balanced’

It is with regret that I read in the April 28 “Letters to the Editor” that Reed Flickinger had been given his walking papers. Having never met the man, I confess to having great respect for the moxie in his writings and to his making WHT the fine newspaper that it has become. Flickinger’s handling of the news, in as “fair and balanced” a manner as could be expected for this liberal newspaper, is to be admired. When compared to the nonquizzical Tribune-Herald, there is no comparison. As to the Star-Advertiser he, as an editor, even had them on the run. I, for one, will miss Flickinger and wish him the best of luck, however, I am sure there are those (mayor, councilmembers and government heads) who are more than happy to say sayonara to the “thorn in their okole.”

On another thought, why are there two bike lanes in the mauka portion of Lako Street? Why is there even a bike lane on a road with a 16 percent grade that could generate speeds of up to 60 to 65 mph for bikes and or skateboards and in particular, when is the last time you have seen a bike on that particular roadway?

Hugo von Platen Luder


Staff change

Letting editor go was a bad decision

Bad, bad decision letting Reed Flickinger go. He was the trusted voice of our community. I have subscribed and advertised in your paper for the last 44 years.

I will not be renewing my subscription and I will find other means of advertising.

Reba Coatney