Saturday | December 03, 2016
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Letters 5-26-13


Minority is causing all the problems

In response to Pomona, Calif., resident Claudia Snydee’s letter of May 21, I would like to point out to her the same problem occurs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Fla., New York, et al., etc., etc. … Apparently this woman has nothing better to do than complain and ignore the same fact in her own backyard.

Granted, many of the homeless she may have encountered are drunken panhandlers but those are not the majority of the houseless here. They are the most obvious. That problem is due to the fact that there are no public drunkeness laws in effect on this entire island chain. The problem can be immediately reduced by the institution of said laws, which are discretionary.

However, the state and county government deems it necessary to allow this for some reason, even though they know exactly who the offenders are and the fact they panhandle and harass the tourists. They are a minority of about 15 people that the law enforcement of this county are powerless to address for the lack of appropriate laws.

Put in a public drunkeness ordinance. Throw the offenders in jail for the night and progressively increase the punishment. Law enforcement members are legally allowed to hold them for 48 hours without charges as is and refuse to do this.

The county and state are to blame for this and no one else.

You know the problem and you know the offenders. Deal with it.

Daniel Gene Bunn