Thursday | October 20, 2016
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Letters 5-20-13

Human Trafficking

Something needs to be done to end abuse

Do you know a solution to human trafficking? It is not news that people are being smuggled, bought and sold for other people’s pleasure and business. There has been a recent report of finding women that had been missing for days or even decades that were been being held, drugged, raped and tortured. But this type of crime has been around for centuries and there has still not been enough done to rescue these women and to prevent this crime.

Women and their families lives are being dramatically affected in so many ways that people wouldn’t want to imagine. These girls are being kidnapped, taken away from their normal life, and used for drugs, sex and enjoyment for these sick people. Their families would have to deal with the hope they are still alive and okay. They also would have to deal with the possible thought of their daughter, sibling, spouse or even mother not being alive. I think that no family should ever go through this kind of torture.

What more can we do to help this situation? There are things being done to help this issue, but only to an extent. After so long, investigations are being terminated, hope is lost, and people go on with their lives. Action is necessary because this can happen to anybody and for these girls who have been kidnapped and are being used for these purposes, there is a chance we can rescue them and prosecute the traffickers. Something needs to be done because these are lives we are talking about, and they deserve to have the life they want without their physical, mental and spiritual state being messed with.

Education, longer investigations and a whole lot of hope needs to be distributed in order to resolve this problem. This is not an easy issue to halt, but an issue that is going to take long and complicated decisions to make so that we can even take a step toward resolving this situation.

I do not know the exact solution but I know some basic things that need to be done. Educating people about what is happening and how they can help is one way to help this situation. The president could make a speech to make people know what had happened with trafficking, and schools could educate their students by bringing in guest speakers who have experience with this situation. I’m strongly against this crime and there has to be something done about this because it’s unacceptable.

Ivanelle Paulino