Friday | November 17, 2017
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Letters 5-18-13

Jail sentences

What’s going on with judicial system?

After reading your article, “Puna rapist gets 6 months” in West Hawaii Today May 7, I am having a difficult time understanding the sentencing.

Why the plea bargain for six months jail instead of the 20-year prison time?

According to the court report, after being forced to have nonconsensual sex, the victim was pushed out of the defendant’s car without all of her clothing and robbed of her purse and cellphone. Bystanders found her frightened on the side of the road.

For what reasons did the prosecutor agree to this? A total of six months jail time, plus the guilty person is allowed to serve it at his convenience so as not to disrupt his life to much. Are we short on jail cells? This is a concern to our entire community. Six months!?

Meanwhile, Roger Christie sits in federal prison at what we should now call Honolulu-Gitmo. For three years now, he has been denied both bail and trial. He is not allowed visitors, with his wife not being able to see him for almost a year. His threat to our community is that he may return to providing medical marijuana to the terminally ill and suffering.

Geeeeeze, with priorities like these being demonstrated by our judicial system we need not wonder why domestic violence flourishes here in the land of aloha.

Michael Pusch

Ocean View


Do we really need another signal?

I just read in today’s West Hawaii Today that a traffic signal is due to be installed at the intersection of the Ane Keohokalole Highway and Kealakehe Parkway. My first reaction is, “Why?” If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

I pass through that intersection fairly regularly at differing times of day and have not seen any undue delays, close calls, accidents, etc. If a traffic signal is installed, the county may be creating a bigger problem than now exists similar to another unwarranted signal installed at the intersection of Alii Drive and Kaleopapa Street. This signal was touted as the answer to slowing traffic down when the bypass road opened.

Ask anyone living in the Punehele or Keauhou Akahi condominiums on Alii Drive how this brainchild is working and they will tell you that it has done nothing but create a raceway as lead-footed drivers try to make it through the green light.

On moderately traveled roadways all-way stop signs work, all motorists are required to slow down and stop prior to entering the intersection. Unneeded and unwarranted signals do nothing more than suck up tax dollars that could be better used elsewhere.

Judy Armstrong-Burger



Visitor fails to see area overrun

Regarding Claudia Snyder’s rant of May 15, I, too, am a frequent visitor from the mainland to the Big Island and Kona. Kona is hardly “overrun by homeless;” tourists maybe; homeless not.

I hope she decides not to return.

Carol Kirby

Bellevue, Wash.