Thursday | October 19, 2017
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Letters 5-15-13


Sight makes for unpleasant experience

After many trips to Kona, I feel that I need to look at other options. The place is overrun by homeless, and it is not a good experience for travelers and vacationers.

Spending thousands of dollars to experience a town overrun by vagrants is not how I wish to spend my tourism dollars. This year is the worst ever, and I don’t think I will be back until a decision is made to either welcome the tourists and their dollars, or to welcome the homeless and their drain on the economy. That decision needs to be made by the authorities and soon.

I found my time here this year a disgusting experience, and did not even bother to eat or go shopping in downtown Kona because of the unpleasant environment.

Claudia Snyder

Pomona, Calif.

Judge’s ruling

County should follow existing law, not appeal

When a supervisor at the county Planning Department heard the public’s outcry over the pending approval of a South Kona planned urban development permit — with the neighbors protesting many aspects, including being shut out — he wrote: “They can always appeal.”

The permit appeal lasted almost a year, covering five sessions of the Board of Appeals and costing Richard and Patricia Missler tens of thousands of dollars. Without any lengthy discussion, the Board of Appeals endorsed the planning director’s acceptance of the PUD. With courage and determination the Misslers went further and put the matter before a court of law. This time Judge Ronald Ibarra listened, deliberating and taking three months to write his 36-page judgment. He found that the PUD permit is not valid because the planning director and the Board of Appeals did not comply with the General Plan and the Kona Community Development Plan, and did not comply with the public natural resources trust nor with agricultural requirements.

So now county attorney Amy Self declares they will appeal the judge’s ruling?

Instead of defending erroneous and unconstitutional practices by the planning director and Board of Appeals, the county should concern itself with following existing law.

Louise Birket


Roadside planting

Why is there a lack of maintenance?

The once-beautiful landscaping mauka of the Kona Outdoor Circle’s entrance is now an eyesore. It’s been like that for way too long, even on Hawaiian time. Is there standoff with road crews or the county? Does the Outdoor Circle need volunteers?

I’m sure there would be plenty of kokua out there to clean it up if someone asked. So, what gives?

Susan David