Monday | June 26, 2017
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Letters 5-14-13

Law enforcement

Officers deserve positive words

May 12 to 18 is National Police Week — a week that is set aside every year to honor the men and women who have fallen in the line of duty and a time to share our appreciation for all that our officers do to ensure the safety of our communities.

It was touching to see the reaction of the public in Boston when the law enforcement personnel were applauded by the spectators that witnessed their apprehension of the suspect in the bombing of the marathon. However, every day our police officers and first responders place themselves in harm’s way to protect our communities from dangerous people and natural disasters. Police Week gives us an opportunity to applaud our police department for all they do throughout the year to serve and protect us.

We encourage all of you to find some way to drop by the department this week and share a word of appreciation with our officers. They deal with negative situations and unpleasant people daily and a positive word and expression of gratitude would go a long way toward encouraging them in their very difficult profession.

Renee Godoy

Luis Camps

Evan Carmichael

Lani Larrua

Ted Lesnett

Raymond “Roddy” Rodrigues

Jeffrey Soga

Allen Townsend

Big Island chaplains

Education study

Liberal bias hurting our nation

“ALEC is an extremist think tank funded 98 percent by the right wing Koch brothers and multinational corporations”

If our liberal educators we now support here in Hawaii or across America and the efforts they are making to rewrite history and ruin our country are doing us any favors. Our high schools and universities are overrun with liberal/socialist biased teachers and professors. They spew trash about our history, our government. They preach only the way they interpret it, bending it to suit their own warped ideals.

We should be happy to support this? I think not.

Frank Dickinson