Sunday | September 25, 2016
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Letters 5-10-13


Reader appalled by graphic image

Serving the business office or the public?

As a parent and a former journalist, I was appalled this morning when I picked up the Sunday paper and saw a photo of the bloodied, dead bodies of children at the top of page 1. The picture on page 3 was worse, but in my memory the community standards of newspapers required the front page to be safe reading for anyone, especially children, who may encounter the paper — whether on a newstand, in line at a coffee shop or on the breakfast table at home. Inside pages are avoidable, but page 1 is not.

It’s one thing to cut costs, as your “Message from our Publisher” on page 7 says, but cutting the conscience of the newsroom in the form of some kind — any kind — of senior editor has disturbing consequences to the community you hope to serve.

Kathryn Rawle


Staff change

Former editor will land on his feet

As a former councilman and state representative I frequently dealt with former West Hawaii Today editor Reed Flickenger and fully concur with the recent accolades cited in letters to the editor. I suspected, and it seemed to be recently confirmed in an article by WHT Publisher Tracey Fosso, that Reed’s dismissal was wholly a financial decision. I also suspect that Reed was given a decent exit package, hence we will not being seeing him along the road with a cardboard sign.

Knowing Reed, I am of the firm belief that he will return to the public venue in some manner or form and better than ever.

You just can’t keep a good duck out of the water.

Jim Rath


County budget

Time to show some common sense

It’s sad when 10 percent of the county budget is used on a loan payment of $39 million and in your new budget you add another $3.9 million. Is this because you’re borrowing more? If you didn’t have this debt you would have another $42.9 million a year for your budget.

Maybe it’s time to figure out how to get out of debt before our county is foreclosed on. Our loan payment is $200 a year for every man, woman and child who live here.

I am not a rocket scientist but I do have a little common sense, and common sense shows you are going down the wrong road — maybe toward Greece.

John Christman