Monday | December 11, 2017
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Letters 5-1-13

Staff change

What is the rationale for letting editor go?

Aole! I don’t care about politics. I don’t care about power trips.

I have no understanding of the rationale, or probable lack thereof, for WHT “releasing” Reed. His last name not necessary, because he has been an integral part of Kona for years. I haven’t a clue, as I believe most readers would agree, as to what’s going on at WHT, but if it is under new ownership or management from a off island, or a non-Hawaii company, then please relocate back from whence you came. if ownership or management is locally run, then all I — and I believe most of the Kona community would agree — I can only say aole.

If I had a subscription to WHT, I would cancel it. I heartily encourage others who do to do so in protest. However, I will stop buying WHT daily from the newsstand or store, and if it’s necessary to find out what’s happening in my — in our community — I’ll rely on the “Coconut Wireless” until Reed is given his position back! I may not agreed with what Mr. Flickinger wrote every time, but I could always sense his love for our community.

Roy Cryster


Staff change

Editor an outstanding asset for island

I just heard that our editor of the West Hawaii Today is no longer in that position and I really don’t know the reason why. I suspect it was a decision to save money since the East Hawaii and West Hawaii papers have merged to some degree.

I can only say that I have written a Sunday garden column and worked with him for 30 years and it has been a real pleasure. Even though my main contacts with the papers have been Brenda Jensen in Hawaii and Leigh Critchlow in East Hawaii, Reed has been consistently supportive of getting agricultural news from the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources out to the community. He has always been available to us and been an outstanding asset to the people of our island.

It has been great working with Reed and he will be sorely missed. Knowing him professionally and personally, I am sure better things will be in his future.

Norman Bezona