Monday | January 23, 2017
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Letters 4-19-2013

Palila protection

Missing something?

We need to protect the palila habitat. The DNLR must have a good reason to have decided that aerial hunt is beneficial.

Perhaps it is so the birds can feed on the flies and maggots of the rotting carcasses and the rats and cats can consume the rest. Or do they have people who pick up the shot animals to provide food for the many hungry people on this island?

Why are hunters not allowed to do the task so they can feed their families? They don’t get paid for it either unlike employees and contractors of DLNR.

I must be missing something.

Christa Wagner


A recollection

War profiteering

Sixty some years ago, when I was just a kid, I recall my grandmother telling me the propaganda arm of the United States government has the ability to create an enemy and have the populace ready to go to war against that enemy in as little as two weeks. North Korea is proof that the government still has this ability.

The one percent, banks and the military industrial complex, reap stupendous profits from war.

Tim Schutt

Ocean View


Same old story

PUD indeed. It’s the same old story. Hoffmann, Wille and Ford on the correct side of an issue that involves everyone.

Here’s “Liteweight” Todd against anything that will take away her power with her new crony, Kanuha.

The public does have the right to know but it also has the right to do something about it. What will eventually happen is the developer will decide the road, lot size, building height, etc. are not what the developer can afford or needs and will perpetuate these variances.

Richard Allen