Tuesday | July 26, 2016
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Letters 3-27-2013

Offensive supposition

Our ancestors can speak for themselves

I find it offensive when individuals from elsewhere attempt to speak on the behalf of our ancestors and us as kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiians) to justify their own opinions on issues. One such is Mr. Roma from Arizona, whose letter posed the question, “What would Kamehameha (or the old Hawaiians) do?” as it pertains to the Thirty-Meter Telescope, geothermal, and other such projects.

Our alii, including Kamehameha, never built any large heiau or structure on the summit of Mauna Kea. They understood its sacredness and avoided causing any physical and spiritual disturbance and desecration.

That is why our ancestors would not have condoned shaving 50 feet off the top of the summit and constructing the 13 telescopes that now occupy this most sacred space.

They would also not approve of the TMT Observatory Corp. proposal to build another observatory that would be more than 180 feet high (equal to an 18-story condo) and more than 215 feet in diameter (equal to two-thirds the length of a football field) while excavating more than 8 acres on the northern plateau.

Neither would they approve of bulldozing acres of forests for a geothermal well that would penetrate deep down into Tutu Pele’s realm.

Such projects of destruction and desecration to the sacred landscape of our islands usually come from individuals and corporations from elsewhere under the guise of economic, scientific and educational benefits.

These types of projects are not pono for our mountains, our lands, our oceans, our islands or our people.

The ancestors can actually speak for themselves. They still walk and watch over these lands and their presence is becoming more vivid at these times, especially with the substantial disturbances. We have encountered many of them, including other guardians of these lands, from the top of the mountains down to the sea. Their message is clear and simple: Malama ka aina — take care of our Hawaii. Re-establish a foundation of lokahi (harmony and unity) in aloha with Papahanaumoku (Earth Mother) and all life forms of the Creator. Remember our divine connection to all, as well as to the land, sea and each other.

If one really wants to know what our ancestors would do, some of these chiefs and warriors could make their presence known and provide their own perspective.

Jim Makaala


LED lights

Install sensors, too

I just read that new LED lights are going to be installed on all the street lights to save money.

In many places elsewhere, motion sensors are added, too. That way the lights do not burn all night long when nobody is there.

The money saved would be substantial and the light pollution would be dramatically reduced — and, people could get a good night’s sleep without having to hide behind curtains.

David Hume