Friday | October 20, 2017
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Letters 3-23-2013


Follow a mercy rule

As a recent convert to the game of softball on the Big Island, I have witnessed a blatant lack of sportsmanship by certain coaches that could threaten the long-term sustainability of this great game.

It appears to me that a few of the schools are relatively new to the sport on the island and, as a result, many games are extremely lopsided.

What bothers me is the unwillingness by coaches to instruct their players in the etiquette of how to play in a mercy rule situation.

In softball it is easy to facilitate outs in a game with more than a 10 run difference by stepping off a base, or not advancing with balls in play.

I cringe at the 30-3 scores I see in the paper every morning, knowing that those situations are easily avoidable.

Not only do I find it disrespectful to the other team when coaches instruct their players to not swing when the opposing pitcher is obviously struggling to throw strikes or attempt stolen bases or advance around the bases on passed balls; I find it extremely disrespectful to the game as a whole.

It saddens me to see these young ladies feel so discouraged from continuing with this great sport because of these lopsided scores.

Other sports have a clock; softball does not It is up to us and purveyors of this game to maintain a proper level of competitive fairness so we can continue to grow.

Dagan Bernstein


Best ever

Magic club mahalo

The Big Island Magic Club wishes to thank everyone who helped to make the 27th Annual Magic Spectacular the best ever.

This benefit for SKEA at the Aloha Theatre was filled with the sounds of laughter and wonder as our local magicians and mainland guest Shawn McMaster dazzled and amazed while the Solar Wind Band rocked.

We will do it again next year and look forward to seeing you all there.

Barry Gitelson

Captain Cook

Racial dialogue

Please stop

West Hawaii Today has reached a new low by publishing the most offensive racial slur known to American culture in not just one, but two letters to the editor this week.

Please stop.

Barbara Dalton

Captain Cook