Friday | April 17, 2015
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Letters 3-2-2013

Conservative backlash

Sarcasm or malarkey?

Larry Morris of Kailua-Kona titled his recent letter to this paper, “Silent majority” and then proceeded to complain about how conservatives “are never bashful about letting you know how they feel about their cause, be it in the newspaper, in line at the post office or at a gathering. They are always willing to shove it down your throat.”

He went on to say how liberals are “more likely to just let you rant.”


Is he seriously going to try to convince people that liberals in this country are pious, quiet people who never raise their voices?

I suppose he was sleeping under a rock in a cave on the dark side of the moon since George W. Bush was elected.

I suppose he didn’t see any of the hundreds of anti-war and anti-military protests broadcast on the evening news on a nightly basis since our troops first entered Iraq.

I suppose he’s failed to see any Michael Moore “documentaries” or broadcasts by Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Chris Matthews or any episode of David Letterman. And I guess he doesn’t listen to any of the liberal radio broadcasts on AM stations.

I really have to wonder if that letter was sarcasm, ignorance or complete malarkey.

Shawn Lathrop


A Modest Proposal

Offshore enterprise

In view of the fact that our local oil refinery operators have chosen to veil their operational details behind the smokescreen of “proprietary and confidential information,” I have a proposal that would allow local merchants to fill the vacuum left by the departure of the petroleum pirates.

Deep water moorings are quite practical in the abyssal waters surrounding the islands, a modest-sized refined products tanker could be anchored out past the 12 mile limit, easily accessed by local boaters. This would be a full-service operation, allowing boaters and their guests to tie up to a floating dock and top off their fuel tanks, enjoy a fine restaurant meal, get their ashes hauled and even leave their spare change behind at the gyro-stabilized roulette tables.

I’m sure the Hawaii tax authorities could be soothed by proper emoluments, and the entire operation would literally be over the horizon. Just a compass bearing or a GPS and you could navigate your way to a splendid day, and, yes, we will leave the anchor light on for you.

Richard Swann

Ocean View