Saturday | April 18, 2015
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Letters 3-19-2013


Promises must be kept

Every member of Congress has now had the opportunity to sign a letter, initiated by Congressmen Alan Grayson and Mark Takano, proclaiming a genuine commitment to working people throughout the nation. The letter states:

“We will vote against any and every cut to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security benefits — including raising the retirement age or cutting the cost of living adjustments that our constituents earned and need.”

Up to this time, it’s clear that the leadership of the Democratic Party is perfectly willing to sell us out.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has made the absurd assertion that cutting Social Security would “strengthen” it, and President Obama’s spokespeople have been stressing his willingness to cut Social Security’s cost of living adjustments.

The fact that Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit doesn’t seem to bother Democrats or Republicans. Wall Street gets what Wall Street wants, apparently — if we let our so-called representatives get away with it.

According to the list I saw, Hawaii Reps. Colleen Hanabussa (202-225-2726) and Tulsi Gabbard (202-225-4906) have not yet signed on to protect our earned benefits.

It’s so easy to talk the talk during a campaign, but when it comes to standing up to the party bosses, Wall Street billionaires and big corporate donors, where’s their courage?

With CEOs taking home 350 times what the average wage earner makes, your readers may wish to join me in calling our representatives to remind them who it was they claimed they’d be fighting for — and what they promised during their campaigns.

Jake Jacobs