Saturday | April 18, 2015
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Letters 2-9-2013

Communism, marxism

Both are a complete opposite of a republic

First, we have the federal government raising taxes on the so-called wealthy and now on Jan. 29, we read in WHT where the state government wishes to increase the “conveyance tax” on, again, the so-called wealthy owners of property worth $2 million or more (even if the property is actually owned by a bank and the individual, simply put, is “paying to own”) for “water protection and other natural resources.”

I am sure this proposed tax money will go toward water protection — until government wants to use it in some other areas like “other natural resources” (that scares me already) e.g., remember the 2 percent monies the county redistributed and those other goody goody ideas that were floated for its use (kind of like in-house money laundering).

So, does this sort of recourse of taxing the wealthy mean children are being taught to keep themselves and their future families in the mode they may have been born into and not cross the threshold toward a better life (wealth)?

Well, that is what socialism is about, collective equality and distribution of goods for all.

Is that the sort of equality you are looking for?

If one studies socialism one will find only the elitists and the politicians are allowed the cream of wealth, all others become subordinate.

Strange that with all the progress America has made in the past 214 years that today there are many who wish to turn the country around and regress to where government dictates to the people their if, whys and don’ts that lead to the populace being a step and a half behind in every way.

It is also strange, but have you noticed, that in the history of “ism”, government becomes, not the people, but the politicians (dictators) who, as aforementioned, are allowed to gather wealth off the backs of the people while the power to create, invent, etc. is stifled, thus causing so many to drift away to a state more willing to accept their daring thoughts and actions that America called entrepreneurship.

People from all over the world migrate to America so they may have the freedom of opportunity and its security while working to acquire wealth, which leads to a more advanced culture and a stronger country.

A closing example is migrant workers crossing the border to better themselves in hope of moving their family up the ladder, generation by generation.

“Moving up the ladder” emulates wealth* and a forgone conclusion that the capitalist society (once?) known as America may be on the verge of a precipice.

*Webster’s definition for wealth: a collection of valuable material possessions or resources

Hugo von Platen Luder