Friday | December 09, 2016
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Letters 2-8-2013

30-meter telescope

Standing with the mountain against development

I’m sitting here with the WHT article, “Land Board is next step for 30-Meter Telescope,” and wondering how in the world can a development more than 18 stories high and requiring more than eight acres of excavation on Mauna Kea satisfy the eight criteria for granting the conservation district use permit?

Build anything that enormous anywhere, and it will impact the environment.

Many of us continue to practice a cultural and ceremonial lifestyle connected to this sacred mountain, and we have every intention to pass those traditions on to the generations to come. If this massive telescope is built on the mountain, it will severely impact us on all levels.

If you attend the hearing on Feb. 12, you will bear witness to that.

It is for this reason that our family, the Flores-Case Ohana, decided to enter as a petitioner in this case. For those who feel that you must come to the rally at 9:30 a.m. at the County Building in Hilo because something deep within tells you that your mountain is sacred or that this process or project is just not right, you will see those who have pledged themselves and have given everything in their hearts to stand on her behalf.

I pray one day that we will consider all development on our island home as our ancient peoples did, with the utmost care and thought to the true impact upon the sky, the land, the sea, and the ultimate health of all people.

Let our decisions now and in the future not cause destruction, desecration, overdevelopment, and disturbance that our children will have to take care of, clean up, cry or be angry about — and blame us for now and for a long time to come.

To my children and my grandchildren, I say simply, I have based my decision to stand on behalf of Mauna a Wakea because you are sacred and our mauna is still sacred.

Therefore, I proceed with my ancestors and guides, my people, my culture, my children, my mauna, and my Hawaii in my heart — i ka piko o ke aloha, i ka pono, as it should be, truly with aloha for all.

Pua Case


Abandoned Car

Whose responsibility?

There is an abandoned car (pickup truck, I think) that’s in a field below a parking lot between Henry Street and Malulani Drive, mauka side.

I noticed it a few months ago and have seen it so many times since I don’t think about it anymore.

We have some friends over from the mainland who were here three months ago and they mentioned that nobody has moved that abandoned vehicle.

I wonder whose responsibility that is to get this eyesore removed?

Phil Gates