Letters 2-4-2013

Gun control

New laws won’t help where old laws haven’t

Will there be one less mass shooting if we enact President Barack Obama’s gun control measures? Sane, law-abiding citizens do not commit mass shootings. Sane, law-abiding citizens did not kill more than 500 people this year in Chicago.

Criminals do not obey the law. All the gun laws in the world will not stop criminals from using guns. There are enough guns in Mexico to keep U.S. criminals supplied for years, let alone the guns in Chicago and Detroit.

Mentally ill people need treatment or incarceration. They certainly need not have access to guns. How that is going to happen, without taking away civil rights, is a more important issue than writing a bunch of new laws, when the old laws haven’t done much good anyway.

We, the American people, can do much to shape our own destiny. We can do much to control ourselves and determine actions that need to be taken within our own families. Otherwise we forfeit our self-determination to a few people in Washington.

Sandra Gray