Monday | October 16, 2017
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Letters 2-26-2013

Hawaii legislators

No clue and the voters keep re-electing them

Once more our legislators show us that they have not clue regarding the real problems of Hawaii.

They work on new legislation for gun control when “gun violence” is not a real problem on our islands.

Our problems are a high cost of living, way too many people on welfare and out of work; welfare abuse; childcare abuse (homes claiming to care for multiple children to get extra money); benefit packages for state workers; issues with our schools (that money will not fix); job creation and taxes way too high (and they want to raise them).

Perhaps our legislators should resign and allow some new faces with new ideas take over their jobs. Faces that aren’t controlled by unions and a Democrat regime that has run Hawaii into the ground.

Oh, but wait, they get voted back into office time and again by the people they cater to. What chance do we have of making real progress? Not much.

Frank Dickinson



Police presence

I want to give a huge mahalo to the police officer working the highway by Puako this afternoon. We have all been tailgated before and wish a police officer was near.

Well, today was my day. I was being tailgated big time. I saw the officer on the opposite side of the highway. The tailgater wasn’t aware of him at all.

The police officer pulled across the highway and about near Mauna Lani Resort, the blue lights went on.

Yes. The tailgater was pulled over and my day was made.

Thanks again to this police officer who was so attentive. Thanks also for making the road safer for those who are put in this dangerous situation.

Gary Honey


Coral graffiti

Don’t change it

From the Kona airport to Mauna Kea we have a very unique strip of eco-friendly writing along our highway. I have seen families with great smiles standing next to the date their family got to vacation on the Big Island. In the last 25 years of driving that road nearly every day, I have only seen positive notes: go dad; love you; will you marry me; life is good; smile; kids putting their names out to be seen; adults putting their names out to be seen, even companies putting their logos out as a sign of welcoming for our island hotel guest.

I enjoy this little uniqueness of our island it’s the only place in the world like it.

If you have free time and really want to help our communities, our schools need volunteers, the Humane Society needs help, the food bank needs volunteers, senior citizens just enjoy someone to read to them, the beaches and state parks always could use some T.L.C.

Some things just don’t need to be changed.

Gale Hudson


Silent majority

Too nice to say

I would like to thank Tim Derflinger for his recent letter.

Conservatives are never bashful about letting you know how they feel about their cause, be it in the newspaper, in line at the post office or at a gathering. They are always willing to shove it down your throat.

As liberals, we are more likely to just let you rant.

Thanks again, Tim, for saying what we are thinking and are just too nice to say.

Larry Morris