Wednesday | June 29, 2016
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Letters 2-23-2013


Real defense spending

If we sequester the Pentagon, it threatens to lay off 80,000 civilian workers, making them suffer.

For the same price, it could stop the development of one more $1.5 billion dollar jet that we don’t need and won’t use. But that would cut into the profits of its partners in the weapons industry — and they would also lay off workers.

It seems that a good part of our economy is based on and profits from the fear of, or the need for, war.

It’s no wonder we keep having them.

The Pentagon claims sequester will affect its readiness and ability to defend America.


We have more military and weapons than we would ever need and the most bloated and wasteful Pentagon budget ever, and it can’t even find a real war to fight, like WWII. Instead, it starts these phony wars for its own self-interest, like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

If the Pentagon really wanted to defend America, it would defend it against the rust and rot that is destroying the roads and bridges across America, or defend against the coal and oil industries that are polluting our air, land and water. It would defend us against ignorance with more teachers and schools, and against outsourcing our jobs for bigger corporate profits.

How about defending us against politicians who give away trillions of our dollars to banks and corporations through handouts, called subsidies and tax loopholes? Now that’s a war we really need to fight.

Michael J. Swerdlow


Speeding Tickets

Learn from mistakes

I wonder why WHT keeps publishing whining letters like the one from J.R. Galloway.

She broke the law and got caught, period.

She said “Something is wrong here.”

There is nothing wrong here.

Don’t text, don’t call while driving, wear a seat belt, don’t speed and your chance of getting a ticket will be minimal.

Pay the fine and learn from what you did.

John S. Rabi