Saturday | April 22, 2017
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Letters 2-17-2013


Write it right

Having owned our home in Hawaii for 16 years, we’ve become accustomed to the far left tilt of the state in general and West Hawaii Today in particular. Usually we ignore your publication’s politically motivated portrayal of what is news, but your Sunday, Feb. 3 headline was an eye catcher.

The headline and accompanying article claimed that Americans shouldn’t be concerned about a national debt of almost $17 trillion with nothing but further annual deficits in sight. The article was apparently lifted from the left-wing McClatchy newspaper group and says “most experts” believe the debt to be no big deal (without identifying these so-called experts, of course).

You needn’t be an expert to understand that if you’re spending more than you’re bringing in, you’re headed for financial ruin. Even liberals should be able to understand that, and you do them a disservice by publishing B.S. like you did Sunday. Instead, you should be encouraging your readers to pressure their senators and representative to rein in an out-of-control president and put the country on a path toward financial stability. Try journalism for a change.

Clayton Shonka



What’s right is wrong

It is painful to watch the conservative’s futile and clueless attempt to explain their extreme views and act like spoiled schoolyard bullies when it comes to dealing with the numerous challenges that face our nation.

Republicans, in general, extreme, not so extreme and even those who seem to possess some sanity, are an embarrassment to themselves, their families, their party and this country. While the country tries to push forward in this 21st century, these members of society refuse to drag themselves out of the 17th century.

They have declared war on women, science, minorities, the government and common sense. They can’t accept the November results and remain consistently on the unpopular side of every issue, as all polling proves.

The Republican strategy is to lie constantly about all of the issues, hoping that the flock will still be brainwashed by the same old rhetorical lies, distortions and dangerous fear mongering. Every time they open a mouth, the big fat “L” on their foreheads lights up brighter and flashes like a radioactive system’s warning signal.

It couldn’t be too soon for these radicals to be replaced with some members of their faction who could be an asset to the party and the political system, if only they had some vision using common sense, reason and foresight instead of a party made up of mushroom brain matter and mushroom cloud mentality.

Tim Derflinger