Saturday | November 18, 2017
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Letters 12-6-2012

Allen’s defense

It’s not about aloha

Good for the letter writers who came to the defense of poor Paul Allen and his helicopter. What a terrific example of aloha.

Our community should be proud that they put that woman and her children in their place. How dare she vacation here and complain about the whims of one of our local billionaires who has no choice but to take a helicopter from his yacht to his home across 200 yards of treacherous water (The clouds of sand and dust blew halfway across the bay).

The keiki on the beach should have been proud and humbled to be able to eat this special man’s dust throughout the day.

I’ve got a great idea, why not have him land his helicopter next to Huggo’s five times a day. The downdraft from the copter would shred the umbrellas and blow sand into the diners’ food and drink, but what a thrill to be able to tell your grandchildren about the day you sat in awe and wonder of this godlike man — who made his own rules and graced us with his special presence.

Just a note: Not everyone is thrilled about 300-foot personal yachts and over-the-top indulgence and, no, it is not because of envy you nitwits, it’s because it is crude, rude and tasteless, and it is incredibly insensitive to the people your actions affect. Aloha, indeed; it’s amazing to me that sycophants such as yourselves can even spell the word.

Gary Hattenburg


Vacation plans

From the far right

President Obama’s family vacation to Hawaii should be cancelled. It’s a disgrace that while Americans are suffering under his failed policies putting America ever-so closely of becoming like Greece, Obama should seriously stay in Washington and do the job he was — unfortunately once again — elected to do.

It is a wonder why he should be welcomed here at a time our nation faces high unemployment, a very benign economy he helped create, the United States military in harm’s way everyday, and his disdain for the United States Constitution, which made it possible for him to become president. Until our liberty as a free people is restored and our nation’s defense strong, he should not take this unneeded vacation to Hawaii.

Drew E. Kosora


Helicopter noise

Trivial by comparison

Kona Bay Estates itself is the result of the antics of the wealthy. This was once a family camping and recreation area for the residents of Kona.

If you want to complain about the antics of the wealthy, revisit the history of this area and the politics of subdividing a beautiful, pristine place.

Just the fact that a mainland visitor was renting a home in a gated community — which discourages the family experience of snorkeling and body boarding by the Kona community makes you part of it.

Hawaii allowed the more-money-than-brains people to destroy a beautiful, natural place with a complex for the wealthy that discourages access by the public. I question the decision of allowing the super-rich and super-entitled to destroy the environment with something like Kona Bay Estates.

It makes the helicopters seem trivial.

Linda Swain