Monday | October 24, 2016
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Letters 12-31-2012

Shooting range

A safety issue

In response to Ms. Oconnor’s letter to the editor referencing “wasteful spending” on a firing range: Ms. Oconnor, first just by the content of your letter I know you are not a firearms owner, therefore you do not understand the reasoning for the need of a firing range.

As a gun owner, I can tell you from past experience that unfortunately not all gun owners are as responsible as they should be. Therefore, they go out wherever they think they won’t get caught and start shooting their high-caliber weapons randomly into the woods, across a pasture or on the beach where they think it is safe — and it is not.

With that being said, you may think this is irresponsible spending, but it is for your safety, as well as everyone else’s on the island.

Ben Schaumberg



A different approach

Why can the dump not offer to take truckloads of mulch to locations that require it for a fee? I bet a lot of people would not mind paying a reasonable price to have it delivered or maybe even have it spread.

Right now they can have the loader put it in their truck instead of shoveling themselves, but this is supposed to change to shoveling it yourself.

This is ridiculous and counter productive. Imagine a person trying to improve his ground, driving to the dump, having to shovel the mulch, then go home and spread it? He will give up and say to heck with it. Can you blame him?

Get real, see the opportunity to make a business out of this, as well as help the environment — without paying for gas to truck to Puuanahulu and back.

Christa Wagner



Steer clear of swimmers

I am a swimmer at Kailua Pier, which is being invaded by the canoes.

I don’t object to the canoes and paddling sport, which I used to participate in, but could the boats stay clear of the swim corridor from the beach to the King’s Swim Buoy which is clearly marked with buoys?

There is nothing more frightening than swimming and encountering a canoe coming at you with a steersman behind five paddlers and not knowing if you are seen or if you had better swim for your life.

There’s a whole ocean out away from the swim corridor.

C’mon, canoes, please stay out of the swim area.

Pat Berry



Unsuited to offense

What is Judge Kim thinking?

David Becker should be made to pay the Humane Society the $307,000 for the time and energy they spent to clean up his doing.

He also should spend time in jail for cruelty to animals. Why should he get off with a light sentence and no fines?

I think the judge doesn’t have what it takes to be a fair judge. A crime is a crime and offenders should be made to pay for their crimes.

Colleen Miyose Wallis