Friday | July 29, 2016
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Letters 12-3-12


To Paul Allen’s aid

I want to congratulate Johanna Bowen and family for their first family vacation on the Big Island. From the tone of her letter against Paul Allen, she obviously missed living the spirit of aloha.

The Allen family has been living the Aloha Spirit for over 30 years. They are respected members of our island ohana. They could be anywhere in the world, but choose to spend their recreation and holiday time on the Big Island.

We locals feel proud when we see the Allen ship in the bay, knowing he is introducing his family and friends to our ohana. The helicopters are part of the great adventure of the ship in the bay.

I have had the great opportunity of spending some time with Allen and his family.

I can tell you that Allen’s heart is much larger than his wallet.

Chuck Owens


Helicopter flights

Wrong approach path

The gentlemanly (polite) thing for the Bowens to have done would have been to have called Allen or strolled over and spoken to Allen’s groundskeeper about their being annoyed by the helicopter’s presence and I would bet a $1,000 that Allen would have apologized and rectified the situation in an acceptable manner.

However, the snide remarks as “insensitive billionaire,” “super-rich and super-entitled to so destroy” are really uncalled for. If the Bowens can afford to rent a plush home in a gated community on the water in Kona, they are surely not of the middle class.

I do not think of Allen as insensitive when one sees what he has contributed to the medical world, the art world, the sports world, the people employed through his efforts and on and on and on.

Both wealth and entitlement are earned, as the Bowens should know well. Are the Bowens also against the “touch-and-gos” at our Keahole airport for training our military to protect our country?

We seem to have a problem today in America that it is a sin to have wealth.

Are the Bowens willing to give up their wealth? I myself am one of the super-rich. I was born (of European-Hawaiian ancestry) and raised in Hawaii. I can afford akule and rice at Manago’s, a Jim Beam or two or three each night and, in another week of so, I will go to Honolulu to see the city lights and eat my manapua in the food court in front of Don Quijote market area.

Yesiree, I am one of the super-rich and pleased and proud of it. Just be gentlemanly when asking me to make amends to your desires.

Hugo von Platen Luder


Another voice

A vote for Paul Allen

In response to the letter writer from Santa Cruz: Paul Allen equals winner. This billionaire can go anywhere in the world he wants and he chooses our hometown to spend his time on vacation with his family.

This individual shares our insights in many ways to choose the home we love as one of his, also. We should be honored he chooses to be here.

When I grow up, I wanna be just like him.

As a resident of Kona, I smile when I see his yacht and helicopter. They are an inspiration.

Gregg Bryan