Tuesday | November 21, 2017
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Letters 12-29-2012

Gun Control

Say no to the NRA

President Obama was hoping the National Rifle Association would be a meaningful contributor to developing a strategy to solve the problem of violence in our schools. Sadly, he was mistaken.

On Dec. 21, I listened to various representatives propose a “model school shield program” that would place armed police officers (marksmen) in every school in America.

I could not believe what I was hearing. The solution is to place more guns in our schools? I can see it now, a gunman with an assault rife and other arms opens fire in a school hallway. Police marksmen return the fire. Bullets flying everywhere. Now, that sounds like a coherent strategy to make our schools safer.

I know it’s not nice to be sarcastic, but I would like to embellish on the NRA’s proposal. To minimize the possibility that our children will be hit by stray gunfire, we should outfit them with mini-flack jackets, bullet-proof vests, kevlar backpacks and helmets.

What is it about Americans and their love of guns? People in other countries don’t have this affliction.

Asa Hutchinson, a former congressman and now a spokesman for the NRA, ordinarily seems like a decent, reasonable person. But when he starts talking about guns in schools, he’s a wacko.

According to a CNN commentator, much of the funding for the NRA comes from gun manufacturers. So, no wonder they want more guns in our schools.

It’s time for Hawaii’s congressional delegation to say no to the NRA and support gun control legislation.

Dennis Brown



Not where disallowed

I would like to remind those people who enjoy fireworks to ring in the New Year that if you live in a community governed by a home owners association that does not permit any kind of fireworks in the community, please be thoughtful and follow the rules of your association.

We all pay our association dues and would very much request that you follow the conforms. That is why most of us moved into these communities in the first place.

So, go down to the Old Airport and enjoy the noise and fireworks where they were intended.

Barbara Hussey

Pualani Estates

Saddle Road

No funding worry

I don’t think folks need to worry about the funding for Saddle Road improvements getting the go ahead.

Our location in the central Pacific ocean makes us a forward operating base for actions countering the People’s Republic of China’s rise in naval power.

The enormous training area up there on the saddle is a wonderful training area, with few civilians around.

Most people around here don’t mind having the military around, just stop shooting that depleted uranium ammunition into the lava rock. Nasty long-term effects, that stuff.

Richard Swann

Ocean View