Tuesday | January 17, 2017
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Letters 12-01-2012

Police complaint

Illuminating question

Did Ms. Owens read the same letter I did regarding the erratic driving of an officer? Did I miss the part in the original letter that said, “his blue light was glowing or flashing”?

Every state I have ever been in requires an officer to have his blue light on when responding to an emergency. There are many circumstances where flashing lights and sirens are not used or desirable but always glowing or flashing lights when they are responding to a call, letting drivers know they are on serious business, not out driving around looking for someone to ticket — much the same as an ambulance.

That feature is available — we’ve seen it at accident sites where police respond. If Hawaii has a different law or response to such things, it might be time for a change.

That said, overall I am content with local law enforcement, but I, too, have seen on more than one occasion our law enforcement vehicles doing questionable driving maneuvers on the public roads without their lights glowing.

Perhaps it’s time to take down license plate numbers and turn them in? Of course, we all know we would not be fingered for doing our duty — right?

Frank Dickinson


Fish collecting

Help for our reefs

There are two sides to every issue, and I recognize that while some folks would prefer little regulation of ocean industries, others would like to stop all ocean- related business.

However, I hope as concerned citizens and residents of the island of Hawaii, we can put our delicate ocean resource in proper perspective and support the West Hawaii Regional Fishery Management Area amendment proposals to be aired in a public hearing at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Kealakehe High School.

I have received emails and talked with friends who have been persuaded to believe that not supporting these proposals is a good idea.

I don’t understand the logic: If we say “no” to this amendment package, then we say “no” to the added protection of our reefs, our fish, our rays, our sharks, and more.

Showing support for this rule amendment is saying “yes” to all of this. Please send letters of support to darkona@hawaiiantel.net

We are an island, and the ocean is central to our lives. I hope each member of our community will carefully consider the options: come to the public hearing on Wednesday and support more protection for our reefs or choose to continue the current policies. When will the next Department of Land and Natural Resources amendment or legislative bill make it through the complex multiyear cycle and reach a public hearing?

The current effort has taken more than eight long years. We have this opportunity now. I hope we don’t turn our backs on our ocean, our island.

Nancy Zorn

Captain Cook


Sentiments appalling

I was appalled after reading Mr. Krzeminski’s letter and his use of the term “kanaka.” I was equally appalled after reading Mr. Elarionoff’s and Mr. Bumanglag’s letters perpetuating the sentiment of “hate the haole.”

Whether grown here or flown here, we must coexist.

Kelly Drysdale