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Letters 11-29-2012


Business as usual

I couldn’t help but comment about “Union contracts trump county ethics code” article on the front page WHT on Nov. 20.

This seems amazing that taxpayers are paying for county workers to campaign on county time and in county facilities, including fundraisers.

We know who the union endorses.

We taxpayers don’t always agree with the endorsements of our unions, so why should we have to pay for this time spent campaigning for them?

Also, remember there were fundraisers on county property by county workers on county time serving alcohol.

What about the issue of duplicate ballots found by County Clerk Jamae Kawauchi? It has not been addressed yet. Will anything be done about that?

It had been reported the elections office was being run by a union company. Perhaps that is not the best course to take. There have been numerous, similar problems on Oahu and on the mainland, some much worse than ours, that also seem to be swept under the carpet.

At least attention is being given to our problems and hopefully they get resolved in a constructive, positive manner.

But after this court finding, it looks like business as usual and makes one wonder.

Judy Taggerty


Paul Allen

Visitor annoyed by the antics of the wealthy

I just completed my first-ever visit to Hawaii. My extended family was mostly delighted with our rental home in Keike Beach Hale and the experiences we shared snorkeling and body surfing during our stay.

One part of our visit was unfortunately really irritating.

The repeated trips over the charming children’s beach and our home of the annoying private helicopter of Paul Allen — who has to be the most insensitive billionaire in the world.

One afternoon, I felt like it could have been inner city police action.

Why does Hawaii allow the more-money-than-brains people to destroy the peace for trivial back and forth and back and forth trips?

I found the repeated buzzing trips directly overhead on a beautiful afternoon at the children’s beach to be intolerable.

I question the decision to allow the super-rich and super-entitled to so destroy the environment with noise pollution of this magnitude.

Johanna Bowen

Santa Cruz, Calif.