Saturday | October 22, 2016
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Letters 11-21-13

Legislators, thank you for new marriage law

The letters these past months with such unoriginal arguments to oppose same-sex marriage have been quite upsetting. Phrases like “it’s unnatural,” “it’ll tear the fabric of society” and even comparing people to animals (how dare you), have also been used to battle civil rights, ending segregation, women’s rights, interracial marriage and more. For those who feel this way, what are you really afraid of? If you think federally legitimizing the loving relationship between two adults is going to destroy our society, perhaps you need to reacquaint yourself with the world. A little more love and understanding is not going to hurt anyone.

Personally, I would like to thank our legislators for passing this bill. Not just for reasons already stated, like it’s unconstitutional to deny rights to people based on race, creed, gender and orientation, or because it will boost Hawaii’s economy. I want to thank them because progress like this sends a message to every youth who feels like an outcast for not fitting in to that “one man, one woman” box. Those who have to be careful who they tell, because who knows how the other will respond. Who consider tragic fates like too many other youths because as if growing up isn’t hard enough without the added burden of such hateful speech from people they’ll never meet, or worse, the ones they do. Because there are people so arrogant as to believe that they are “the real sufferers” for having to “tolerate others” without even considering what those others are going through. Progress like this tells those youths that they are okay, that their lives and experiences matter. That there is nothing wrong with loving someone, or wanting to be loved. And that slowly, our neanderthal society will catch up and understand that.

Jade Smith


What’s up with all the street lights?

How bright it is all night.

Heading north out of Kailua-Kona to the airport, there are hundreds of street lights illuminating the highway.

What’s up with that? The amount of lighting seems excessive and they light the sky for miles around. Is there a federal highway regulation requiring all those street lights?

The world famous Mauna Kea telescopes need less not more night light. Besides, it is known that night light for humans weakens the immune system and can cause cancer.

Why are all those costly lights needed? Are more lights planned?

Hopefully, future road construction will reduce unnecessary lighting, thereby conserving highway cost and preserving Kona’s healthy environment.

Jonathan Kemp