Letters 11-20-2012

County Council

Here we go again

Here we go again.

In her first big decision, our new West Hawaii council member, Karen Eoff, voted to make a Hilo old boy the chairman of the County Council — so she could get the totally powerless position of vice chairman. It is shades of Virginia Isbell and her vote for Stacy Higa. And our other new council member, Dru Kanuha, went along with it.

Ostensibly, these two naïve politicians think that getting along on the council will somehow convince the Hilo old boys to play fair with West Hawaii.

Fat chance.

The latest figures are that we in West Hawaii pay 77 percent of the taxes and receive 23 percent of the services. Making J Yoshimoto chairman of the council gives this Hilo insider the sole power to hire his own county clerk and a bunch of other staff members — I bet they all will be from, by and for Hilo.

Already, Yoshimoto is showing us what a poor chairman he is going to be. With Eoff and Kanuha’s acquiescence, he appointed Valerie Poindexter, a completely unqualified rookie, to the all-important chairmanship of the Finance Committee.

He gave the other important chairmanship, the Planning Committee, to another rookie, Zendo Kern. The one council person with experience as chairman of the Finance Committee, Brenda Ford, he demoted to the least important committee, Public Safety.

Why? What deals were made? And what possible reason did Eoff and Kanuha have to vote for Yoshimoto for chairman instead of Ford, who would be much more sensitive to West Hawaii issues?

Moreover, if Eoff and Kanuha had been paying attention the last time Yoshimoto was chairman, they would have remembered what a horrible job he did.

Yoshimoto allowed Emily Naole to run roughshod over the council with her physical and verbal abuse of other council members and the public.

Yoshimoto was also responsible for hiring one of the most unethical county clerks we have ever had, Kenny Goodenow.

The position of council chairman is the second-most powerful job in the county and our two new West Hawaii representatives just handed it to a Hilo old boy —without a fight.

Eoff and Kanuha must be aware that we elected them to represent our interests here in West Hawaii, not to pursue their own ambitions by becoming team players for the Hilo crowd. I urge them to reconsider their decision and reorganize the council chairmanships at the earliest opportunity.

Matt Binder


Helpful staff

Tiring ordeal

Last Saturday, Nov. 10, I went to Kona Transfer Station. When I arrived at the green waste section, one of the staff noticed my rear tire was flat. He tried to put some air in but it went flat immediately.

I was in a daze; I didn’t know what to do. Change the tire myself, or drive home with one flat tire, or call my kids or insurance company?

But this gentleman asked two workers, Keoni and Maury to take the flat tire off and put the spare tire on. Then they told me to get to Costco ASAP to get a new tire.

What a sweet and generous things they have done for me. I am sorry didn’t get his name. May God bless these wonderful people.I am so thankful I moved to Kona.

Lili Tokuda